Technical Service Bulletin Wiper Linkage Locknut

Subject: Windshield Wiper Linkage Locknut   Models: 911 1982-83

Bulletin Number: 83 – 03

The self-locking nut at windshield wiper motor drive-shaft has been replaced with a hex nut and lock washer, as shown.

In case of repairs, use new parts:

Hex nut, Part No. N 011.006.8

Wiper Locknut

Lock washer, Part No. N 012.227.3


Most 1982 cars and early production 1983 vehicles used self-locking nuts. From Oct. 1982, hex nuts with lock washers have been installed. Change in production occurred as follows:

  • Coupe                   VIN … 91DS120726
  • Targa                             … 91DS160678
  • Cabriolet                      … 91DS170068
  • Turbo (Canada)         …93DS050061

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