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The documents in our library are a combination of factory TSB bulletins and updates that we have compiled over the last thirty years. These are designed to supplement the factory shop manual. Many of these documents are updates to new parts and procedures that are required when working on a 30 to 50 year old vehicle.

To use the document library just click on the desired heading and the document will open in another window. They are open to public for use.

Search function will search the entire site. To Search Bosch numbers use “ “ format. you can use seach terms as well like “Cylinder Head” and it will return all options for that term.

Technical Documents For 911/930 Models 1964-89

All technical service bulletins are designed to used to supplement the factory workshop manual. They will contain additional parts and work procedures used to repair certain issues. We have also added our own technical service documents to this list complied from over thirty years of experience of working on these cars. In todays world where many of the original parts are no longer available and the replacement parts are often not within the original specifications, it can make repairing these classic cars much harder. The technical bulletins are listed under their specific area of the vehicle that they pertain to. You can also use the search box at the top to search for certain terms. please be aware that it will only search the titles for your term and it is a site wide search.

Ignition Distributor Specifications

Here you will find all the ignition distributor specifications listed under their Bosch part number. You can locate the bosch number usually printed on a label for cast iron ignition distributors or stamped into the case on aluminum distributors. If you are unsure as to which distributor you should have and you know the Porsche part number we have a cross reference guide listed in this document center under cross references.

CIS Warmup Regulators

Warm up regulator specifications are listed under their Bosch part numbers. This number will be stamped on the warm up regulator housing. We have also listed the year range of cars that they should fit.

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