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Almost 20 years ago I first discovered eBay and it was awesome for selling off your personal stuff that you did not need or want anymore. However, today it has changed. Sites like eBay have become so expensive for the average person to use that most do not. They have also become so saturated with commercial sellers that you cannot find anything when just browsing. All you end up seeing is the same guy advertising the same distributor cap 100 times.

Other sites like “” have similar issues. Recently I just browsed through the Porsche parts section and found that it was just dominated by basically 2 sellers. Out of 20 pages, one retail seller occupied 12 out of the 20 pages. Now do not get me wrong I really like the website, it is free to use, and the owner does a great job maintaining the site. But when a commercial seller dominates the site, it makes it harder for the average guy to sell their stuff.

The idea for us to start our own classifieds page came after selling one of our cars. Then shortly after finding leftover parts that we no longer needed. After listing these parts on eBay for almost a year with very poor results and high costs on the ones we did sell, I pulled them all off. At the same time,  I listed the parts on thesamba and although there was no cost involved the response was limited.

So, I went looking for options and really did not find any. I tried listing on some of the forums, but the format did not make it user-friendly. It also did not feature my items but instead just ended with a list on some page somewhere. And had no response.

I wanted something simple to use and safe, that displayed what I had and how much I wanted for it. From that idea came our own Classified listings page. The KlassikATS classified pages are free for anyone to use. Our idea is to make a place where people can buy or sell parts, tools, or even complete cars. We also want it to be more for the individual seller and not dominated by commercial sellers.

How to use

Anyone can browse listings without having an account. To contact a seller, you can click on the “Message to Seller” box to send them an email. Or click on the contact number to reveal if the seller has provided one.

To make a listing you will need to first login or create an account. You can do that by “clicking Here.” Once you have created an account and a login you will be able to manage your listings, add new listings, update, or change your contact information.

To make a listing click on the “Add New Listing” button in your account under the “My listings” tab. Simply follow the instructions to add a title, description, and pictures to your listing. Please note that picture uploads are limited to 2MB and should be formatted to an optimum size of 924 x 462, quality pictures will work best to sell your stuff.


We want to keep this simple:

  • Use actual pictures of what you have to sell, this is better for both buyers and sellers.
  • No commercial sellers, use your own website, please.
  • Treat people how you would like to be treated.
  • Promptly delete sold or no longer available listings.


  • Use common sense when using this site. We do not monitor activities between private parties, and we are not responsible for issues that can arise from connections made using this site.
  • Protect yourself from scams. No matter what the site scammers are out there looking for an easy mark. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably a scam.
  • Use payment services like Venmo or PayPal to get paid. Do not accept personal or bank checks. Often these can initially clear in your bank but can still bounce up to 14 days later.
  • Anyone who asks you to use western union is a scammer, do not do it.
  • Communication is key for both buyers and sellers. Make sure if you are the buyer that you are getting what you expect. Ask questions before sending payment. As a seller verify the shipping address and make sure payment has cleared your bank before sending anything. Send tracking numbers as soon as you have them. An open line of communication is the best way to have a smooth transaction.

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