Technical Service Bulletin Windshield Antenna for 1985

Subject: Windshield Antenna – Model Year 1985   Models: 911/928S/944 1985

Bulletin Number: 85 – 01

Model year 85 Porsche cars have an active windshield antenna, instead of the previously used telescope antenna.

The antenna outlet is located on the right bottom edge of the windshield and connects to an antenna amplifier. From the antenna amplifier to the radio there is both an RF cable and a 12 volt supply wire. The antenna amplifier receives 12 volts from the “electrical antenna” connection of the radio.

Whenever a radio is dealer installed, it is essential that the wire located on the antenna cable is connected to the “electrical antenna” connection of the radio.

The radio does not have this feature, (“electrical antenna”) an alternate source of 12 volts must be supplied to this connection whenever the radio is turned on, otherwise the reception will be very poor due to the lack of RF amplification.

928S: The grey antenna cable used for the rear antenna up to M.Y. 1984 is still installed during production in addition to the windshield antenna. Should a second antenna be installed, this cable can be used.

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