Technical Service Bulletin Whistle Noise Comes From Radio

Subject: Whistling Noise From Radio      Models: 911 Carrera/911 Turbo/928 S4 ALL

Bulletin Number: 88 – 04

Whistling noises from the radio and/or tape player with the engine running could be caused by a bad ground connection for the radio or radio booster.

Ground points (MP) for radio and booster.

911 Carrera and 911 Turbo

MP I is in the front compartment between the battery and fuse box. Check for tightness, corrosion and wire terminal crimping. Repair as necessary.

928 S4

MP V above central electric board. Check for tightness, corrosion and wire terminal crimping.

If no improvement, disconnect existing ground wire from booster and tape the terminal. Install a new 4mm gauge ground wire approximately 180mm long. Connect terminal to one of the booster mounting bolts.

Important Notice: Technical Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a “Do-it-yourselfer.” They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Special tools may be required to perform certain operations identified in these bulletins. Use of tools and procedures other than those recommended in these bulletins may be detrimental to the safe operation of your vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your Porsche Dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information. Part numbers listed in these bulletins are for reference only. Always check with your authorized Porsche dealer to verify correct part numbers.

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