Technical Service Bulletin Torqueing of the Crankshaft Pulley

Subject: Torqueing Of The Crankshaft Pulley    Models: 911 1984

Bulletin Number: 85 – 06

When removing the crankshaft pulley or loosening the crankshaft pulley bolt, it is possible that the hole for the locating pin in the pulley may get damaged. Reinstallation of the damaged part with an elongated hole could cause the valve/ignition timing to be maladjusted. To avoid this, inspect pulley for elongated hole. If damaged, replace!

A new pulley, part number 930.102.024.03, has been introduced with two bores. A pulley holder, tool number 9236, is available to aid in easier removal and preventing the possibility of damage.

Introduction Date: December 1984

Engine Number: 64F01513

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