Technical Service Bulletin Tightening Procedure for Rods

Subject: Tightening Procedure for Connecting Rods Models: 911Carrera/C2/C4/T 1989

Bulletin Number: 90 – 06

ATTENTION: Service Manager/Service Technician

Models Affected:             911 Carrera (From M.Y. 1984)

                                                911 Turbo (from M.Y. 1978)

                                                911 Carrera 2 and 4

Concern:                              Tightening torque procedure for the connecting rod nuts changed during 1989 production year because of a material change for the connecting rod bolts.

Repair Information:        A. Tightening procedure for new version bolts 12.9 marking on the bolt head    (Figure 1).

                                                Slightly oil threads and nut contact surface.

                                                Step 1: Torque nuts to 15 Nm (10.5 ft lbs.).

                                                Step 2: Torque nuts 90+2 degrees.

                                                B. Tightening procedure for old version bolts with 00 marking on bolt head (Figure 2).

                                                Slightly oil threads and nut contact surfaces.

                                                Step 1: Torque nuts an additional 90+2 degrees.

                                                Important:          Replace connecting rod bolts and nuts after removal. Do not reuse connecting rod bolts and nuts.

                                                Mixed installation of old and new version connecting rod bolts in one engine is permissible. However, only one version must be installed on each individual connecting rod.

Parts Information: Old version connecting rod bolts (00) will no longer be available once old stock has been used up.

Rod image

New version connecting rod bolts (12.9): PN 964.103.176.00

Connecting rod nuts PN 930.103.174.00 did not change

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