Technical Service Bulletin Side Mirror Glass Was Improved

Subject: Sideview Mirror Glass Improved        Models: 911 SC/928 1983

Bulletin Number: 83 – 01

An improved mirror glass for the outside rearview mirrors has been introduced in production (the holding glass behind the mirror glass has been replaced by a black plastic plate). The new mirror glass, Part No. 911.731.035.06, may be retrofit all previously produced 911 SC and 928 vehicles. New version parts are installed in production as of:

                June 28, 1983/ VIN 92 DS 86.2077 – 928

                June 30, 1983/ VIN 91 DS 12.2542-911 Coupe

                                                      91 DS 16.1426.-911 Targa

                                                      91 DS 17.1565-911 Cabrio

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