Technical Service Bulletin Service Installation of Center Brake Light Information

Subject: Service Installation of Center Mounted Brake Light on Porsche 911 and 944                                                                               

Models: 911/944 ALL

Bulletin Number: 86 – 08

  1. Installation instructions for 944, 911 Coupe and Targa without rear spoiler.
  2. Clean inside of rear glass with window cleaner and wipe dry. Apply primer with even strokes. Allow at least 30 minutes, to a maximum of 3 hours, to dry. Do not reply primer on dried areas.
  3. Mark window and put sticker in center. 944 sticker is marked with T for window top, 911 sticker is marked with B for window bottom. (Round edges point up.)

Line up markings and apply sticker to window carefully. Remove center part of sticker and blacken this area with glass primer using an applicator as shown in picture. (Picture shows 944 window removed.)

markings and installation center light
  • Apply body primer on stop lamp excluding the taped area. Allow to dry.
  • Fill round cutout on frame approximately 1/3 with adhesive sealant (Beta seal). Remove backing from tape and stick frame to window. Mount housing on frame.
  • Wiring for Porsche 944.
  • Connect 1.0 mm gauge wire to center stop lamp positive and ground. Feed wires through 7 mm diameter wire tube and fasten tube into grove between glass and outer frame using black silicon sealer (see picture).
  • Guide wiring through grommet for rear wiper wiring. Use new protective grommet Part Number 111.971.911A. Push wiring through c-pillar and tighten with wire ties underneath ventilation slots.
  • Unplug socket for left taillight. Install positive on pin #2 and ground lead on pin #6 of male socket using new cylindrical connectors. Part number N 017.592.2 (picture).

Parts Required 944

1 928.631.070.00 Lamp

1 Adhesive Set

1 111.971.911 A Grommet

2 N 017.592.2 Connector

1.0mm gauge wire

7 mm wire tube

Note: Adhesive Set includes:

Sticker, Glass and Body Primers, Applicator,

Window Cleaner, Beta Seal

  1. Wiring for Porsche 911 Coupe and Targa without rear spoiler.
  2. Unplug socket for left taillight wiring. Splice 0.75 mm gauge wiring into pin #3 on wiring socket. Tape spliced area.
  3. Route wiring along left side of engine compartment. Secure with existing write clamps and push wire through harness opening which leads into driver’s compartment (see picture). Replace grommet. Part Number 477.971.871 A, if necessary.
  4. Guide wire underneath rear wall lining and connect to stop lamp positive using a flat connector, Part Number 111.971.960. Install ground wire on rear wall using cable shoe, Part Number N 017.505.4.

Parts required 911 Coupe and Targa without Rear Spoiler

911.631.080.00 Lamp 911 Coupe

911.631.71.01 Lamp 911 Targa Adhesive Set

111.971.960 Connector

N 017.505.4

0.75 mm gauge wire. Note: Adhesive Set includes: sticker, glass and body primer, applicator, window cleaner, beta seal

IV. Installation instructions for 911 Cabriolet and 911 Models with rear spoiler.

  1. Lower A/C condenser without disconnecting hoses.
  2. Rear lid should be removed to drill hole pattern (see sketch next page).
  3. Install wiring and mount lamp. Reinstall engine lid.
  4. Use common wire clips in existing holes and run ire along engine lid grove. Fasten wire on clamps at the right hinge (picture) and connect ground wire to hinge bolt. Guide positive wire along the right side of engine compartment.
  5. Unplug taillight wiring socket and splice wire into pin #3. Tape spliced connection

Parts Required 911 Cabriolet and 911 Models with Rear Spoiler

911 Cabriolet     911.631.071.00 includes wiring

911 with spoiler                911.631.072.00 includes wiring

Sketch Hole Pattern 911 Cabriolet and 911 Models Spoiler (Scale 1:1)

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