Technical Service Bulletin Replacing Cabriolet Rear Bow

Subject: Replacing Cabriolet Rear Bow             Models: 911 Cabriolet ALL

Bulletin Number: 88 – 01

In an effort to further minimize the repair cost of Cabriolet tops, the replacement of the rear bow as a complete unit is no longer necessary. The rear top bow is now available in three separate pieces; center bow, left side bow support and right side bow support.


Qty.                       Description                                         Part Number

1                              Bow support left                              911.561.927.00.70B

1                              Bow Section-Center                        911.561.215.00

1                              Bow support right                            911.561.928.00.70B

1                              Counter sunk screws 5 x 12          900.269.017.02

5                              Washers                                              N 011.523.7

5                              Nuts M5                                               N 011.182.1

5                              Cap screw M10 x 28                        911.561.420.00

1                              Cap screw M* x 24                           911.561.421.00

Labor Operations and time units:

61 01 15 06                         Adjust electric Cabriolet top (Does not include adjustments on the bow support   hinges and/or rear window)

61 60 19 06                         R and R left or right now support on electric Cabriolet top. (includes adjusting Cabriolet top)

61 30 20 06                         R and R left and right bow support on electric Cabriolet top. (Includes adjusting Cabriolet top)


The following procedure describes replacing the left or right side section of the rear bow.

Removing Cabriolet Rear Bow Support

  1. Raise top approx. 2 inches to release tension.
  • Remove inside bow cover

7 screws in front

4 screws in the rear

1 each side bottom

  • Remove lower side trim. Loosen 6mm alien head screws (front) and remove phillips head screws rear.
  • Remove nuts and washers from “B” pillar seal. Raise top to half open and remove “B” pillar seal.
  • Remove lower and upper canvas phillips

head screws. Remove lower Tenax snaps. Note: Upper phillips screw with corner piece and nut.

  • Cut stitching at bow lower corner. Retain plastic washer between top ard back materials.
  • Remove tightening bow bracket (5mm alien head screws).
  • Pull off outer side canvas (pull to inside of vehicle)
  • Pull off inner side covering material. Remove two phillips screws in bow bar.
  • Pull canvas off rear bow inside. Start pulling from upper corner (3 canvas layers). The rear end and front canvas is glued together here.
  • Remove 11 screws from rear bow mounting rail using 7mm socket.
  1. Pull off three layer canvas to the rear. Detach front from rear canvas.
  2. With the top closed, pull back outer canvas. Pull back tape and inner lining. Unhook rubber strap for tensioning bow.
  1. Open top slightly. Disconnect swivel linkage from bow. (Two cap bolts) Detach wiring harness when working on right side.
  1. Drill out rivets between center bow on bow support using a 6mm drill (5 rivets).
  2. Unscrew lower bow retainer bolts (3 bolts) and remove bow support.

Note: There are adjustment shims under retainer, normally one shim.


  1. The drilled holes must be countersunk 90 degrees from the outside. Installed screws must be flush with outer surface of the bow to prevent poor appearance and top material damage.
  • Engage new bow support in U-shaped profile of center bow. Install 5 countersunk screws with washers and nuts. Tighten screws. Cover screw heads and center and side bow joining area with duct tape.
  • Install lower bow retainer bolts (do not tighten at this time).
  • Connect swivel linkage. Make sure plastic washers are installed correctly and not damaged.


Always use new cap screws.

  • Attach wiring harness if working on right side.
  • Align top bow ‘B’ pillar in line with door jamb and tighten bolts.
  • Reconnect rubber strap and hog ring.
  • With the top closed, pull outside canvas tight and mark position of hole for upper corner phillips screw. (Hook up for tensioning cable.) Drill 4mm hole.
  • Reinstall headliner.
  • Install top outside canvas. Seam must be below rear edge of bow. Pull canvas tight. Make sure there are no folds in the canvas.
  • Install rear bow mounting rail screws. Align screw holes using small screwdriver or similar instrument. Install square washers thick side up. Pull head liner down on corner, then tighten outer screws.
  • Install inside side canvas. Pull tight using a heat gun at the same time. Apply glue on both sides of canvas and frame. Start gluing from bottom.
  • Glue side flap to top bow and install two phillips screws.
  • Glue outside canvas on both sides. Guide in lower tensioning bracket. Lower rubber seal should be outside of tensioning bracket. Lower edge front and rear canvas should be line. Install phillips screws and snaps on side canvas.
  • Tighten tensioning bracket nuts. At the same time, push bracket to the outside to make it flush with the seal.
  • Open top straight up. Install upper corner phillips screw with nut. Hook up tensioning cable.
  • Install ‘B’ pillar seal. Align to window glass.
  • Install bow covering and side trim panel.
  • Loop stitch lower canvas corner and tie off.

Before starting final top adjustments, open and close top several times.

Important Notice: Technical Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a “Do-it-yourselfer.” They are written to inform these technician of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Special tools may be required to perform certain operations identified in these bulletins. Use of tools and procedures other than those recommended in these bulletins may be detrimental to the safe operation your vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job safely and properly. If a condition is described, do not assume that bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your Porsche Dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information. Part numbers listed in these bulletins are for reference only. Always check with your authorized Porsche dealer to verify correct part numbers.

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