Technical Service Bulletin Removing Broken Head Studs

Subject: Removing Broken Head Studs            Models: 911/930 All Years

Bulletin Number: 83 – 03

If a cylinder head stud, (see fig. 1), is broken above the threads in the crankcase, the following should be applied:

Repair Procedure

  • Grind broken stud flat
  • Center punch stud
  • Using a ¼ inch. (6.35mm) carbide tip drill bit in a drill press, drill approximately 15mm into the stud.
  • Drive a Number 3 Snap-On screw extractor approximately 200 degrees Celsius to loosen the grip of the loctite. It is very important to heat the crankcase properly.
  • Turn out the broken stud.
  • Retap threads in crankcase and install new Dilavar with Loctite 270. Part Number


Figure 1. Broken Head Stud

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