Technical Service Bulletin Reduced Wattage Of Low Beam Headlights

Subject: Reduced Wattage of Low Beam Elements Models: 911SC/911 Turbo/928S 1983

Bulletin Number: 83 – 01

To eliminate the possibility of sealed beam headlamp burn-out due to overheating, the wattage of the low beam element has been reduced.

New sealed beam headlamp                       Type SB H 6024

                                                                       P/N 999.631.126.90


Old sealed beam headlamp                               Type H 6014

                                                                        P/N 999.631.126.90

Part numbers are unchanged. New type sealed beam supplied under this part number as of Sept., 1983


New type headlamps and old type headlamps are interchangeable. One of each type may be installed on the same vehicle.

New type headlamps are being installed in production as of the following V.I.N.:

911 SC/Coupe                   91DS122300

911 SC/Targa                     91DS161402

911 SC/Cabrio                   91DS171275

911 Turbo/Canada          start of production 1984

928S                                       92DS861898

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