Technical Service Bulletin Parking Cable & Expander

Subject: Parking Brake Cable & Expander   Models: 911 Turbo ALL            

Bulletin Number: 83 – 01

Parking brake cables and expanders have been modified to prevent the possibility of a stretched expander when pulling up the parking brake lever.


Only new version parts will be available after present stocks are used up.

The new parts must always be installed together (both parking brake cables and expander)

Parking Brake Cables

cable expander

New version

cable expander new img..

Old version

The guide for the expander on the new parking brake cable is increased in length by 3.0 mm to 55.0 mm.

brake guide


New expanders are changed in design so that with the expander compressed to ‘gauge distance’ to 54.4 mm, distance A is now at least 18.0 + 0.3 mm (instead of previous 16.3 + 0.3 mm)


Expander surfaces have different color paint for identification purposes:

New version = gold          Part No. 911.352.090.00

Old version = white         Part No. 901.352.090.10

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