Technical Service Bulletin Outer Door Handle Has Reduced Effort Required

Subject: Outer Door Handle/Door Lock Reduced Operating Effort                                Models: 911 Carrera/911 Turbo 1987

Bulletin Number: 87 – 01

The 1987 Model 911 Carrera and 011 Turbo received new adjustable outer door handles and new door locks to reduce lock operating effort from the outside.

Adjustment Procedure:

  1. Threaded control rod on door handle is adjustable (3mm Hex, arrow)
  2. A self-made tool from 2mm thick sheet metal or a spare key without head can be used to turn the control rod to make the adjustment. (See sketches)
  3. With door trim panel removed and window glass closed, adjustment can be observed through a window glass opening.
door key img..

Distance between control rod and lock lever should be adjusted to 0.1-0.5mm (See picture).

New type outer door handle and lock can be installed in older cars separately. However, to improve lock operating effort, both handle and lock should be replaced.

door handle

New part numbers:

911.536.941.03 Door handle left without stipulated lock #

911.538.942.03 Door handle right without stipulated lock #

911.538.941.02 Door handle left (made to order with stipulated lock #)

911.535.942.02 Door handle right (made to order with stipulated lock #)

911.531.053.10 Door lock left

911.531.054.09 Door lock right

door thing image

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