Technical Service Bulletin Optional Tonneau Cover Installation

Subject: Tonneau Cover                             Models: 911 Cabriolet ALL

Bulletin Number: 84 – 01

The optional tonneau cover for the 911 Cabriolet is now available through the Parts Dept. for service installation.

Parts required

Quantity       Part No. Description

1       911.581.923.00 Tonneau Cover

1       911.561.921.00 mounting parts kits

Installation procedure

  • Remove trim covers from upper portion of door (screws located under trim caps)
  • Mount brackets and holders on doors in approximate positions shown.
  • Slide self-tapping nuts onto holders at front of doors.
  • Cut out 60 mm section of door recess seal for clearance at rear bracket mounting.
  • Drill 3.5 mm holes in tops of brackets for installation of bottom sections of Tenax snaps.


Hole locations to be determined by 600 mm dimension in top photo.

  • Check to fit of door upper trim covers. Cut out foam on back of trim if necessary.
  • Mark location of holes for Tenax snaps in trim covers.
  • Drill 3.5 mm holes in trim covers.
  • Install trim covers and screw in bottom sections of Tenax snaps (arrows)
  • Remove trim caps from instrument panel and screw in bottom sections of Tenax snaps.
  • Pull back carpeting from heel plate and shift tunnel at rear
  • Cut away insulation and install bracket on center of heel plate to dimension indicated. Fasten bracket with four screws (arrows)
  • Cement carpeting back over heel plate and bracket.
  • Puncture carpeting at mounting holes
  • Install two trim screws in outboard holes and one Tenax snap bottom section in center hole (arrows)
  • Mount Tenax snap bottom sections on side members at location indicated.
  • Install tonneau cover to rear of opening on existing snaps (Tenax and standard)
  • Stretch cover forward and mark location of existing Tenax snap bottom sections which are directly behind doors on each side.
  • Cut 9 mm holes in tonneau cover and install upper sections of Tenax snaps (use special key supplied)
  • Fasten Tenax snaps at this location


Tenax snaps are fastened and unfastened only with the upper section of snap pulled out.

  • Mark location of mounting points on rear of doors
  • Cut 9 mm holes in tonneau cover and mount upper sections of Tenax snaps.
  • Fasten Tenax snaps at this location.
  • Stretch center of cover forward to instrumental panel and mark location of mounting point.
  • Install upper section of snap to cover and fasten to instrument panel.
  • Stretch cover forward and outward. Mark locations of mounting points at sides of instrument panel and front of doors.
  • Install upper sections of snaps to cover and fasten to instrument panels and doors.

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