Technical Service Bulletin Oil Pump

Subject: Oil Pump   Models: 911/911 Turbo 1983

Bulletin Number: 85 – 10

Oil pumps, Part No. 911.107.008.01 and 930.107.008.02 are no available as spare parts. These pumps were used as of M.Y. 1976.

Effective immediately, only oil pumps with a permanent fixed oil screen will be available.

Part #911.107.008.05 – 911, Turbo 3.0 Itr.

Part #930.107.008.04 – Turbo 3.3 Itr

The new version oil pumps were installed during production as of March 1983, engine #64D3717 and can be installed in the following engines:

911s – as of engine         #646.0672, 911/82

                                                  646.0458, 911/84

911 turbo, 3.0 Itr –  as of engine

                                                   #686.0021, 930/51

NOTE: Oil pumps for engines before M.Y. 1976 are still available under Part #901.107.002.06

With the installation of the new oil pump in an older engine, the following additional parts must be changed:

  • Discard loose oil screen
  • Old cover, Part #901.101.386.00 with drain plug must be replaced with new cover, Part #930.101.902.00. The new cover does not have a drain plug, but does have a round recessed bowl.

The cover of this version has to be removed when changing oil. New version, (right) to be used in conjunction and with oil pumps, Part #911.107.008.05 and 930.107.008.04

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