Technical Service Bulletin Oil Pressure Relief and Safety Valves

Subject: Oil Pressure Relief and Safety Valves Models: 911/930 1978

Bulletin Number: 78 – 03

Oil pressure relief and safety valve springs and screws were modified during 1978 model year beginning with engine numbers as follows:

Vehicle49 StatesCalifornia
  911SC Turbo    68 2539 688 0290  658 1060 688 1179

If oil pressure and oil level drop suddenly during high-speed driving, and 1978 vehicle engine number is prior to those listed,

oil flow circuit as the relief
  • Replace Safety Valve and Pressure Relief Valve parts with new parts shown
Oil pressure and safety relief valving

Latest part numbers:

Safety ValvePressure Relief Valve
  Spring, Part # 901.107.531.00   Screw, Part # 999.064.026.02  Spring, Part # 930.107.531.01   Screw, Part # 999.064.026.02   Spring Guide, Part # 930.107.533.00  
Pistons and springs oil relief Porsche 911

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