Technical Service Bulletin Oil Leaks From Engine Bolt Mount

Subject: Oil Leaks From Engine Mount Bolt    Models: 911 Carrera 1983

Bulletin Number: 83-09

leaks from engine mount bolt

On some vehicles, oil may leak from the upper right mounting bolt for the rear engine carrier.

These leaks are due to porous areas between the engine oil passage and threads

To prevent oil leaks from this area, the factory has replaced the M10 X 22 mm mounting bolt with an M10 X 15 mm stud secured with Loctite 270.

Production change as of Sept. 23, 1983

Engine Number                                 930/21 64E00657

                                                  930/66 67E00188 ( Turbo/Canada )

In response to oil leak complaints, install stud with Loctite 270.™


Stud                                       P/N 99 061 056 02



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