Technical Service Bulletin Oil Cooler in Right Front Fender

Subject: Oil Cooler in Right Front Fender Models: 911/911 Turbo ALL

Bulletin Number: 84 – 06

A finned oil cooler, Part no. 930.207.053.00, is installed in the right front wheel house instead of the tube oil cooler, Part No. 930.207.050.03, beginning with the below mentioned introduction date. In addition, the bumper has a larger opening in the areas of the right fog lamp.

Date: July 1984 VIN         91 ES 12.1927 911 Carrera Coupe

                                                91 ES 16.1909 911 Carrera Targa

                                                91 ES 17.1032 911 Carrera Convertible

                                                93 ES 05.0088 911 Turbo – Canada

Repairing information:

The old tube oil cooler is no longer available for replacements. In case of replacement, cars have to be converted for the new finned oil cooler – on 1984 models. A cooling tube coil, Part No 930.207.050.01, is still available for replacements in cars before the mentioned model year.

Pos.Qty.DescriptionPart Number
11Finned oil cooler930.207.053.00
21Cover for: 911 Carrera 911 Turbo – Canada  930.207.319.02   930.207.319.01
41Rubber seal930.207.361.00
6     3Rubber/metal pad930.207.239.00
76Locknut M 8900.910.022.02
84Washer B 8.4N .011.670.6
92Washer 8.4N .011.525.8
12   –1 1Seal Two-tone horn holder930.207.353.00 911.635.091.00

Procedure for Conversion from Tube to finned Oil Cooler

Note: It is recommended to clean the wheel house in the oil cooler area before beginning with the work.

  1. Take off right front wheel.
  2. Remove old oil cooler. First, disconnect oil hoses on oil cooler, counterholding with a second wrench. Catch escaping oil. Plug, e.g with tape or plastic plugs (no rags), oil hoses to prevent entry of dirt. Unscrew nut on upper rubber pad and lower nut. Remove oil cooler.
  3. Unscrew two-tones with holder. Remove both old holders and mount two-tone horns on new holder, Part No. 911.635.091.00; bolting long horn on short bracket. Bolt complete unit on fender support from below in such a manner that the two-tons are suspended vertically in front of the support.
  4. Assemble holder (5) and rubber/metal pad (6) and bolt on upper fender bracket. Use large washer (8) – screw on nut only finger tight.
  5. Bolt rubber/metal pad (6) on new oil cooler (1) at bottom.
  6. Place oil cooler without cover in holder in wheel house. Align upper holder with bore in oil cooler and tighten mounting nut for holder. Remove oil cooler again.
  7. Assemble oil cooler.
    • Place rubber seal (4) over hose connections.
    • Install cover (2) fasten on oil cooler with U-clamp (10) and spreader rivets.
    • Bolt guide (3) between rubber/metal pad (6) and bottom of oil cooler.
    • Press seal (12) on outer edges of cover and guide, cutting off protruding ends at bottom if applicable. Lower edge of guide is free.
    • Coat oil hose connections with Optimoly TA.
  1. Guide assembled oil cooler into wheel house. Mount on bottom holder with locknuts (7) and washers (8).
  • Screw on oil hoses. Important: It must be possible to screw on the coupling nuts by hand.
  • Mount oil cooler on upper holder (use large diameter washer). Tighten bottom nuts. Tighten oil hose coupling nuts, counterholding on cooler connections with a second wrench to avoid damage.
  • Start engine and check oil level and connections for leaks. The regulator for the front oil cooler has to be open for this purpose – engine oil temperature above 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit)

Time for converting tube oil cooler to finned oil cooler = 1.50 hours.

Modified Fenders Beginning With 1985 Models

A fender, on which the upper oil cooler holder is changed, is introduced beginning with 1985 models. The holder of this fender version is mounted laterally. For this reason holder (5), Part No. 930.207.927.00, is no longer required for the installation of the new finned oil cooler.

After depletion of stocks of old fenders the new version fender will also be valid for replacements in cars before 1985 models.

In the repair sector this could mean that a new fender would be installed together with an old tube oil cooler. This will then require the use of rubber/metal pad, part No. 930.207.239.00 and holder, Part No. 930.207.921.00, on the upper holder for installation of the oil cooler.

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