Technical Service Bulletin New Pressure Control Regulator

Subject: New Type Control Pressure Regulator  Models: 911 1980

Bulletin Number: 81 – 01

A new-type control-pressure regulator is used on 1980 cars. It is the only type now available as spare part. Old regulator is no longer available. New regulator has vacuum-hose connection on top to vent moisture.

Old (Part No. 911.606.105.07)

old type regulator

New (Part No. 911.606.105.10)

new type regulator


When installing new-type regulator on cars previously equipped with old type.

  • Install 150-mm long hose (Part No. 999.181.709.50) on vacuum connection of new regulator and point open end of hose down as shown
regulator with hose

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