Technical Service Bulletin Mounting Bolts For Compressor Support

Subject: Compressor Support Mounting Bolts  Models: 911 1982

Bulletin Number: 82 – 01

Modified bolts are now used on the air conditioner compressor bracket for mounting of the strut and compressor plate (beginning in May 1982, with engine No. 930/16 64C 4012). This prevents V-belt scuffing due to possible contact between bolts and compressor drive belt if the belt becomes slightly loose.

The compressor.

New parts

  • M 10 x 20 hexagon head bolts for strut installation now with flat head – 4 mm head height, Part No. 999.075.041
  • Mounting bolts for compressor plate now M 8 x 20 socket head bolts as for 911 Turbo (formerly hexagon head bolts), Part No. 900.119.057.02 (3 required)

Repair procedure, 1978-1982 earlier-production cars

When replacing a V-belt on an earlier-production cars, or to prevent possible V-belt scuffing,

  • Replace the two bolts marked X as shown with new-type bolts (M 10 x 20 with 4 mm flat head, Part No. 999.075.041.02)

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