Technical Service Bulletin Modified Clutch Release Lever Bearings

Subject: Modified Clutch Release Lever Shaft Bearings  Models: 911 Carr. 1989

Bulletin Number: 89 – 02

ATTENTION: Service Manager/Service Technician

The bearings on the clutch release lever were changed from needle bearings to friction bearings. The release lever shaft bearings in the transmission case were changed from friction bearings to needle bearings.

From production date: April 6, 1989

Transmission Numbers:

                G5001 1K 03381

                G5001 2K 01159 – Limited Slip Differential

G50 Transmissions, model years 1987 through 1989, prior to the above transmission numbers should always be converted to the new version when performing transmission or clutch repairs. The old version parts are no longer available.

Required Tools & Supplies

Electric Drill

Special Tool kit #9292, Porsche PN 000.721.929.20

Oil can with ATF

Olista Longtime 3 EP, Porsche PN

1 bolt 6 mm approx. 80 mm long and 6 mm nut

Conversion Instructions

  1. Engine and transmission must be removed and transmission detached from engine.
  2. Remove old release lever shaft and release lever. Discard old parts.
  3. Both release lever shaft bearing support bores in the transmission housing must be cut to fit the new needle bearings.
  4. Assemble cutter (9292-1), arbor/guide (9292-2) guide piece (9292-4), spring and guide pin (9292-3) as shown in Figure 1 (page down).
  5. Lubricate cutter and release lever shaft support bores in transmission housing with ATF.
  6. Guide preassembled cutting tool into release lever shaft support bores (Figure 2).

Note: The spring should be preloaded. If necessary, install spacer (10 mm nut) between guide pin and spring. Please make sure 9292-4 is properly positioned in the housing.

  • Use slow speed (approx. 500 rpm) electric drill to cut bearing support in A in Figure 2.
  • Cut bearing support B in Figure 3 with guide pin (9292-3), cutter (9292-1) and arbor/guide (9292-2) until cutter bottoms out (noticeable resistance).

Note: Make sure electric drill chuck does not contact transmission housing.

  • Deburr bearing supports and clean bell housing.
  • Guide the closed bearing (8 in Figure 4) on the release lever shaft and tap bearing into support B. Remove release lever shaft and lubricate bearing with Olista Longtime 3 EP.
  • Lubricate release lever bushings with Olista Longtime 3 EP. Insert new release lever in release bearing and use a piece of adhesive tape to hold release lever in installation position.
  • Attach transmission to engine.
  • Install both seals (6 in Figure 4) on release lever shaft. Check installed direction of seals. (Figure4). Lubricate bearing (4 in Figure 4) with Olista Longtime 3 EP and install on release lever shaft.
  • Install 6 mm nut approximately 15 mm on bolt 6×80 mm. Install in threaded part of release lever shaft. Insert release lever shaft in release fork from outside. Light tapping on bolt during installation is permissible.

Remove 6 mm bolt and nut. Remove adhesive tape.

  • Fill cover (3 in Figure 4) with Olista Longtime 3 EP and install in bearing support A. Install holder and bolt (1 and 2 in Figure 4).

Labor operation for converting bearings on release lever shaft:

       – 60 time units

                                                                Parts Information

Item                      Description                                         Part Number

1                              Bolt                                                        N 010.287.1

2                              Holder                                                  950.116.713.02

3                              Cover                                                    950.116.713.02

4                              Needle bearing (open)                  999.201.339.00

5                              Release lever shaft                          950.116.710.04

6                              Seal (two needed)                           999.113.418.40

7                              Release Lever                                    950.116.086.05

8                              Needle bearing (closed)                999.201.365.00

Important Notice: Technical Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a “Do-it-yourselfer.” They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Special tools may be required to perform certain operations identified in these bulletins. Use of tools and procedures other than those recommended in these bulletins may be detrimental to the safe operation of your vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle may benefit from the information. Part numbers listed in these bulletins are for reference only. Always check with your authorized Porsche dealer to verify correct part numbers.

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