Technical Service Bulletin Marking on Distributor is not Rotor Position

Subject: Marking on Distributor IS NOT Rotor Position for Number One Cylinder           Models: 911 Turbo 1978                                   

Bulletin Number: 78 – 05

Distributor Rotor Marking Part

From start of 1978 model production, all 3.3 Itr Turbo engines have distributors on which marking (X) does not correspond to number one cylinder position.

This applies to the following distributors

                Part No.                               Engine Type

930.602.101.07                                  930/61 U.S.A

930.602.101.08                                  930/3 California

When installing these distributors have engine at TDC number 1 cylinder and point rotor to middle of Bosch number on side of housing.

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