Technical Service Bulletin How to Clean Fuel Injectors Information

Subject: Cleaning of Fuel Injectors Models:911/928S/944/944 Turbo ALL

Bulletin Number: 85 – 10

Partially restricted fuel injectors can be cleaned through the following procedure and material:

  1. Fill up fuel tank.
  2. Pour 20 ounces of “Techron” into the fuel tank.

Note: Techron is marketed by Chevron

  • The car should be driven until the fuel tank is half empty.
  • Refill the fuel tank.
  • This procedure, as outlined from point 1 to 4 should then be repeated 2 additional times.
  • To keep injectors clean; we recommend adding 20 ounces of Techron after 5 fuel tank refills. However, never more than  20 ounces per 3,000 miles.

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