Technical Service Bulletin Goodyear Summer Tires Information

Subject: Goodyear Summer Tires 205/55 VR16 And 225/50 VR16     Models: 911/928S/944 1984

Bulletin Number: 85 – 08

The Goodyear Summer Tire of the NCT type has been improved/modified in the area of the inner belts.

As of October 1984 this type of tire was installed during production.

The old and new NCT tire version can be identified as follows:

Old Version

goodyear tire 2

Installation is side dependent.

Small markings for inside, large markings for outside.

New Version

goodyear Tire 1

Installation not side dependent.

May be installed to run with either side facing outward.

Marked with a star in front and rear of tire size markings on both sides.

Important: Old and new version tires have different construction, and therefore different driving characteristics. Do not mix on car.

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