Technical Service Bulletin Getting Rid of Sodium Filled Valves

Subject: Scrapping Sodium Filled Valves Models: 911 Carrera 2/4/911T/944T ALL

Bulletin Number: 90 – 03

ATTENTION: Service Manager/Service Technician

911 Carrera 2 and 4 intake valves and 911 Turbo exhaust valves are sodium filled.


Sodium reacts strongly when in contact with water. There is a possibility of detonating gases or fire. Contact with skin leads to burns.

When discarding sodium filled exhaust valves, care must be taken to avoid injury. Used valves should be marked and stored in separate dry area until scrapping. The scrap dealer must be informed of the sodium filled valves.

The valves must not be cut open or used for any other purpose (e.g. punches or drivers).

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