Technical Service Bulletin Gasket Kit to Repair Mounts

Subject: Gasket Kit to Repair Oil Leaks             Models: 911, 930 ALL

Bulletin Number: 77-03

If oil leaks occur, such leaks can be corrected by installing special engine gasket kit,

Part No. 930.100.909.00

Kit Installation

Work sequence (engine not removed):

  • Remove air cleaner
  • Remove A/C compressor (where applicable)
  • Remove air pump
  • Remove heater hose
  • Remove A/C mounting plate (where applicable)
  • Remove muffler with EGR filter
  • Remove air injection lines and air pump hose
  • Remove air pump support bracket
  • Remove back plate
  • Remove A/C bracket (where applicable)
  • Drain engine oil

Replace oil return tubes as follows:


  • Cut tubes in half and remove
  • Clean sealing areas at crankshaft and camshaft housing


  • Apply thin film of oil to all O-rings on oil return tubes
  • Move circlip half way down the tube
  • Push short tube in and install
  • Move circlip back into groove

-Remove camshaft sealing flange

  • Remove heater hose with pan (left and right side) from heat exchanger
  • Remove support bracket for A/C (where applicable)
  • Remove plate at right side air shroud
  • Remove oil lines, both sides
  • Remove side pans                                             
  • Remove thermo time switch         
  • Remove chain guide (1 each side)
  • Remove chain housing


Replace all 6 chain guides if damaged with Part No. 911.105.222.05

  • Remove distributor ground wire from chain housing cover, left side
  • Turn engine over until no. 1 piston is on TDC (valve timing made easier later)
  • Loosen oil line, left side
  • Remove lower bolt from air shroud, left side
  • Remove top nut of chain housing cover, left side
  • Remove chain housing cover
  • Remove chain tensioner, cam gear and sprocket, complete

Replace Intermediate Shaft Gasket as Follows:

  • Support engine with crane
  • Remove engine mount
  • Remove intermediate shaft cover
  • Clean all sealing surfaces on chain housing/cover, camshaft/sealing flange and intermediate shaft/cover
  • Install intermediate shaft cover with new gasket
  • Install chain housing (both sides) with new gasket
  • Install engine mount
  • Remove crane
  • Install camshaft sealing flange with new gasket and O-ring.

Install Chain Tensioner as Follows:

  •  Collapse chain tensioner
  • Install guide rails (1 each side) in chain housing. Be sure longer part faces out.
  • Install spacer shims, woodruff key, cam gear and sprocket.
  • Install tensioner in position
  • Time valves
  • Install upper nut for chain housing, left side
  • Install plate for air shroud, right side
  • Install heater hose, left and right side
  • Install oil line, right side
  • Fasten heater hoses to heat exchanger
  • Install chain housing covers with new gaskets
  • Connect ground wire and thermo time switch on left cover
  • Install support bracket for A/C (where applicable)
  • Install end plate
  • Install bracket for air pump
  • Install heater hose, right side; fasten to air shroud
  • Install A/C bracket (where applicable)
  • Install air injection lines
  • Install muffler with BGR filter
  • Install air pump with belt
  • Install A/C compressor with belt (where applicable)
  • Attach heater hoses
  • Check ignition wires for proper fit
  • Install air cleaner

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