Technical Service Bulletin Folding Top Snaps Speedster

Subject: Folding Top Snaps                                 Models: 911 Speedster

Bulletin Number: 89 – 04

Opening and Securing Tenax Snaps

Tenax Snaps are used to secure the emergency folding top. The upper part of the snap consists of the operating button and the housing with three tensioning springs.

Pulling the operating button releases the tensioning springs.

The lower part consists of a ball-head hexagon head and threaded piece. In the snapped state the three tension springs surround the ball-head of the lower part and guarantee optimal retainment.

When opening the Tenax Snaps, the operating button must be pulled.

Open the catches on the windshield frame before opening the Tenax Snaps.

When securing, the operating button must be pulled and the upper part must be aligned perpendicular to the axis of the lower part. Do not use force when securing.

The fastening capabilities will be impaired if the holding spring inside the Tenax Snap upper part is damaged.

Refer to Technical Bulletin Group 6, Number 8905, dated October 20, 1989 for top opening and closing information.

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