Technical Service Bulletin Eliminate Sunroof Rattles

Subject: Sunroof  Models: 911 Carrera/911 Turbo 1986

Bulletin Number: 86  – 01

In order to eliminate possible sunroof rattles, the rear sunroof guides on the left and right sides are installed with plastic slides.

From Production Date May 26, 1986.

                                VIN 91 6GS 12 221

                                        93 0GS 05 1282

New slide Part Number 999.591.774.0.

From Model Year 1983 through May 25, 1986, the slides were made completely out of metal. The new plastic cam subsequently be installed in these older cars.

Installation Procedure:

Roof guide img.s
  1. Remove sunroof lid and both cables.
  2. Shorten the middle web on the sunroof guide by approx.. 11m (machine or grind off). This extra space is required for the plastic plug.
  3. Drill 6mm dia. hole into slide. (See photo).
  4. Press in slide from below.
  5. Lubricate slide and sunroof guide rails with grease and check movement. If movement is too sluggish, file off some material from the slide head.
  6. Install sunroof lid.

Conversion Time:     For one guide – 170 TU

                                        For both guides – 290 TU

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