Technical Service Bulletin Cylinder Head Stud Exhaust Sides

Subject: Cylinder Head Studs Exhaust Side    Models:911/930 1977 ->

Bulletin Number: 77-04

When cylinder head is removed during major engine repairs, include the following operation:

  • Remove cylinder head mounting studs on exhaust side of crankcase (6 on each side).
  • Install “Dilavar” studs (shiny), Part Number

930 101 170 02


Always replace studs on both banks of cylinders.

  • Use Loctite Number 270 on end of stud that goes into crankcase
  • Screw stud into crankcase until protruding length is 135mm (5 – 5/16 in.) (see fig below).


Part numbers for identification only. Always consult Parts Department for correct numbers.

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