Technical Service Bulletin Con. Pressure Superseded

Subject:Con. Pressure Superseded  Models: 911T, 911. 911S, Carrera ALL

Bulletin Number: 83 – 03

Control pressure regulator, Part No. 911.606.903.00,

Is the new replacement control regulator for these vehicles. It supersedes Part No. 911.606.103.01

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                New Type

new pressure control part

Old Type

old pressure control img
needed parts for pressure superseded change img

Parts supplied with the new control pressure regulator:

Item      Description         Part No.                Quantity

1              plug connector  022.906.231A     1

2              connector pin    N 017.182.2         2

Parts required but not supplied

3              boot                      022.906.102                        1

4              wire                       20 AWG (brown) 350mm (14 in.)

5              connector           for 20 gauge wire             1

–              screw                    N 014.744.1                         2

Control pressure regulator, initial installation

  •  Remove electrical connector and clamped-on fuel line from control pressure regulator
  • Cut off plastic fuel line from regulator directly above connection (black line in photo) and remove other and from fuel distributor.
  • Remove bolts and remove old regulator from car
  • Using brass jaw covers, clamp new regulator in vise
  • Clamp plastic fuel line in tool P 385 with length of line required to fit on adapter protruding beyond tool.
  • Install line so that bend in line is positioned as it was before removing
  • Remove tool P 385
  • Install regulator and reconnect fuel line to fuel distributor
  • Reattach fuel return line onto regulator and tighten house clamp
  • Cut connector off wire to regulator
  • Install additional ground wire. Can be attached underneath a mounting nut for the ignition transformer. Slide boot and plug connector over both wires.
Con Pressure
  • Attach pins to wires and slide plug connector down onto pins (polarity not important)
  • Connect plug to control pressure regulator
  • Start engine and check for leaks
CO Pressure idle adjustment
  • Recheck idle speed/CO and adjust if necessary

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