Technical Service Bulletin Cabrio Top Preservative

Subject: Cabrio Top Preservative             Models: 911C/944 S2 ALL

Bulletin Number: 90 – 02

Attention: Service Manager/Service Technician

Cars Affected:                                   911 Cabriolet, 911 Speedster and 944 S2 Cabriolet

Condition:                                           Water leaking through seams or through top material.

Parts required:                                  PN Spray Preservative

                                                                PN Cleaner

Repair Procedure:                           – With the top up and locked, clean according to instructions in      the owner’s manual or with cleaner mentioned above.

  • Hold preservative spray 20-30 cm (approximately 8 to 10 inches) from top material during application. Holding spray can closer may cause staining of the top material. Treat the seams of the top twice.
  • For optimum maintenance and protection, the top material should be treated twice a year (once in Spring and once in Fall).


Please take the necessary steps to prevent the preservative overspray from coming in contact with the rear plastic window and painted surfaces. Preservative spray can stain these surfaces.

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