Technical Service Bulletin Bleed CIS System if Fuel Lines Are Opened

Subject: Bleed CIS System if Fuel Lines are Opened Models: 911/924 ALL

Bulletin Number: 77 – 02

Bleeding of system is necessary if, during CIS repairs, any fuel lines are loosened or removed.

CIS bleeding operation

  • Remove all injectors at engine
  • Place injectors in Tester US4480.
  • Remove rubber elbow from top if air flow sensor
  • Remove fuel pump relay at fuse/relay panel and install jumper switch adapter US4480/3
  • Switch fuel pump on with switch on US4480/03
  • Move airflow sensor plate up and down over its full travel for approximately 2 minutes
  • Switch off fuel pump
  • Reinstall rubber elbow over sensor plate
  • Reinstall fuel pump relay on fuse/relay panel
  • Re-insert injectors in engine (use new rubber seals, Part No. 063.133.557)
  • Pour accumulated fuel in tubes of US4480 back into fuel tank.
  • Start engine and check for proper operation.

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