Technical Service Bulletin Battery on 911

Subject: 911 Battery Models: 911 1974 on

Bulletin Number: 97 – 01

Vehicle Type: 911/911 Carrera and 911 Turbo

                          (911 Carrera RS excluded)

Model Year: As of 1974

Concern:      Battery

Information: New battery with 70 Ah rating.

                          From production date 122-97, all 911 Carrera (993) and 911 Turbo (993) have the 70Ah battery installed.

                                The 75Ah battery will continue to be used for 911 and Turbo models from Model Year, 1974-on until the current stock is exhausted.

Parts Information: Part Number                                Description        Comments

                                999.6111.070.20                                Battery 70Ah      Boxster/993

                                999.611.075.20                                  Battery 75Ah      Until current stock exhausted

                                Still Available:

                                Part Number                                     Description        Comments

                                999.611.088.20                                  Battery 88Ah      Large capacity battery

                                999.611.036.20                                  Battery 36Ah      Carrera RS version

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