Technical Service Bulletin Backrest Control

Subject: Power Seat Backrest Control          Models: 944/911/928 ALL

Bulletin Number: 86 – 02

In case of improper operation of the electric backrest adjusting the mechanism or excessive backrest flex, the seat back gearbox cables may have become disconnected at the gearbox. To repair their situation, the following procedure should be applied:

  1. Remove seat and take off backrest
  2. Loosen backrest trim panel partially.
  3. Shorten flexible shaft housing (Arrow 1) on gearbox end by 5 mm.
  4. Secure housing to gearbox with suitable hose clamp. (Arrow 2)

When assembling, the square rod is slid into the eccentric pin on the seat and through the gearbox. (Don’t knock in with a hammer) Then tighten the backrest bolts finger fight, tighten bolts on the square rods and ten tighten backrest bolts completely.

The alignment marks (e) on the outside are important when assembling the seat frame and seat backrest. They must align with each other. Marks may be either painted or stamped in the metal.

A – Seat backrest bolts

B – Square rod bolt

C – Seat belt holder bolt

D – Backrest unlocking control

E – Alignment marks

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