Subject: New Ambient Air Valve to Eliminate Rattling Noises Models: 911 Carrera 1986

Bulletin Number: 87 – 05

The ambient air valve for oil tank breathing and the mounting bracket have been modified to eliminate rattling noises.

From production date October 1986 VIN:

                91 HS 120684      911 Coupe

                91 HS 160454      911 Targa

                91 HS 170623      911 Cabriolet

The old version air valve is no longer available as a spare part.

When installing new valve on older cars, the following parts have to be replaced.

Part Numbers                                                                                    Description

  1. 930.207.227.01                                                                  Ambient air valve
  2. 930.207.237.02                                                                  Bracket
  3. 930.207.236.01                                                                  Hose, long
  4. 930.207.236.01                                                                  Hose, short
  5. N 023.5702                                                                          Clamp (2 required)
8705 Image Graph for explanation

Work sequence to install new air valve:

  1. Remove air filter and air flow meter.
  2. Remove bracket and air valve together with hoses (3 and 4 in Figure II). Pull off small hose (A in Figure II).
  3. Mount new bracket.
  4. Install new hoses (3 and 4) on air valve. Do not tighten clamps at this time. Connection for short hose is marked with an arrow on air valve. (See Figure I) Hose’s diameter at air valve is 9mm (was 10mm).
  5. Install air valve in clamping bracket. Install hoses on throttle valve housing and regulator valve and small hose on proper routing. Do not kink hoses. Tighten all hose clamps.
  6. Install air flow meter and air filter.

Repair Time:

Labor operation 17 83 19 00                                80 T.U.

8705 Bulletin Graph Image for Explanation


Incorrect vacuum hose connection on temperature switch (B in Figure II) can cause rattling noise. Angled connection of temperature switch connects to vacuum source and straight connection to air valve.

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