Technical Service Bulletin Distributor and Gear

Subject:Modified Distributor & Drive Gear Models: 911 Carr. 1984                                       

Bulletin Number: 84 – 03

Ignition distributors in 1984 model 911 Carreras are needed only for high voltage distribution.

Distributor adjustment is no longer necessary since ignition timing is triggered by the DME control unit.

Only a basic installation is required so the standard distributor, Part no. 930.602.023.00, does not have a slotted mounting flange.

  • Turn engine to TDC in cylinder no. 1
  • Mount distributor so center of rotor electrode points to notch in distributor housing.

With this fixed distributor, the rotor can only be positioned correctly when the distributor drive gear, Part no. 930.102.112.00. has been mounted correctly on the crankshaft.


Installation position of the distributor drive gear was not checked on engines up to number 64 E 00127 930/21

If the drive gear is improperly positioned, the distributor rotor angle will be incorrect (center of rotor electrode will not point to notch in housing with engine at TDC in cylinder no.1).

Engines with this condition have a distributor equipped with slotted mounting flange. Distributor Part no. 930.602.923.00

Slotted distributor, basic installation adjustment

  • Turn engine to TDC in cylinder no. 1
  • Install distributor so center of rotor electrode is pointed as close as possible to notch in distributor housing.
  • Center rotor electrode exactly on distributor in slot and tighten mounting bolt


Both style distributors are available as replacement parts.

Distributor with no slot

  • Part no. 930.602.023.00
  • Standard/replacement part for engines beginning with no. 64 E 00128

Distributor with slot:

  • Part no. 930.602.923.00
  • Standard/replacement for engines and used since start of production 1984 to engine number 64 E 00127

Distributor drive gear, installing on crankshaft

During engine repairs check that distributor drive gear is correctly positioned on crankshaft.

  • Install gears marked only with Porsche trade emblem so that emblem faces V-belt drive pulley
  • Install gears marked with both a Porsche trade emblem and an X (scribed with an electric engraver) so the X faces the V-Belt drive pulley. Location of the Porsche emblem on the gears does not matter.

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