Technical Service Bulletin Motor Vehicle Thief Act

Subject: Motor Vehicle Theft Law Enforcement Act of 1984             Models: 911 Carrera/911 Turbo/928S 1986

Bulletin Number: 86 – 01

Congress passed this act which requires that certain new cars and their replacement parts be marked in a way that would prevent theft rings and chop shops from disposing of parts easily. The act is administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the manufacturer certifies compliance by means similar to the safety certification.

The marking begins as of Production Date: Sept. 1., 1986

Porsche models involved are:

                911 Carrera

                911 Turbo


Parts to be marked are:

Bumpers – front and rear

Fenders/Quarter Panels – front and rear

Doors – left and right

Hood and Rear Hatch

Engine and Transmission Housing

The marking and their location differs between “Original part on new car” and “Replacement part”. Refer to pages 2 to 9.

All original parts show vehicle VIN. Replacement parts show the symbol

Porsche marking to prevent vehicle theft....

on a special label with a clear plastic mask. It is the dealers’ responsibility to remove the label after painting or undercoating the replacement part so that the marking is clearly legible.

Factory rebuilt engines and transmissions utilizing already marked housings won’t have new markings.

When replacing marked parts dealer may use:

  1. Marked Porsche replacement parts
  2. Marked after-market parts
  3. Unmarked Porsche parts which were in stock before April 1986

When repairing marked parts the original markings must still be legible.

When installing unmarked replacement parts from dealer inventory, marked parts from another car or rebuilt engines or transmissions on marked cars, the dealer should provide the customer with detailed documentation, e.g explanation on Repair Invoice.

This law also applies to U.S tourist vehicles repaired outside of the U.S.A.

Thank you.

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