Technical Service Bulletin Modifications on Doors and Hinge Pillars

Subject: Modifications on Doors and Hinge Pillars Models: 911/t 1969-89

Bulletin Number: 91 – 02

ATTENTION: Service Manager/Service Technician

Models Affected:             All 911 and 911 turbos

                                           Model Years 1969 through 1989

Concern: Standardization of replacement doors and modifications on hinge pillars.

Service Information:  A standardized replacement door is all that is available for 911 Series vehicles from the Porsche Parts Department. Some modifications are necessary when installing these doors in 911 and 911 turbo vehicles ’69 through ’89 model years.

                                                Wiring Harness Routing:

                                                The positions for three wiring harness holes are center punch marked on new doors (Figure 1) and must be drilled and deburred as necessary compared to the old door before painting the new door.

                                                1 – For electric window lift (20mm diameter)

                                                2 – For outside mirror adjustment (16.5mm diameter)

                                                3 – For radio speakers (12.5mm diameter)                                         

The hole (arrow in Figure 1) must be closed with grommet Part Number 999.703.066.50.

Service Information (cont.):         Door Contact Switch for Inside Light Repositioned

During Model Year 1989, hinge pillars were modified. Hinge pillars remain available in both versions.

When installing the new version door on a car with the old version hinge pillar, the door contact switch for the inside light must be positioned 50mm further down.

This requires drilling a new hole, 8.4mm in diameter, 50mm below the old door contact switch hole (Figure

2). Deburr edges of the new hole and treat edges with rust prevention paint. Relocate switch into new hole. Install plug Part Number 911.531.999.00 in old hole.


Instructions for fitting and welding new door shells, printed in 911 Workshop Manual, Model Years 1965-1971, Volume II, Pages B7 through B13, are still applicable.

Workshop Manual Order Number: WKD 480 520

Parts Information:                           Door                                      Old                                         New

                                                                Right                                      N/A                                        911.531.006.23

                                                                Left                                        N/A                                        911.531.005.23

                                                                Hinge Pillar

                                                                Right                                      911.501.040.02                  964.502.040.00

                                                                Left                                        911.501.039.02                  964.502.039.00

Additionally, the following parts are needed when converting to the new version door:

Illustration          Quantity              Description                                         Part Number      Remarks

–                              1                              Plug                                                       911.531.999.00  For old door contact switch hole

1                              1                              Oval plug                                             999.703.345.40

2                              2                              Round plug                                         999.703.344.40

3                              1                              Grommet                                            999.703.066.50

4                              1                              Rubber valve                                      999.926.018.40

5                             1                              Bracket left door                              911.531.955.00    Only up to MY 1986

5                              1                              Bracket right door                            911.531.956. 00    Only up to MY 1986

6                              2                              Nut                                                        999.591.498.40    Only up to MY 1986

7                              2                              Washer                                                N             011.524.7    Only up to MY 1986

8                              2                              Bolt M6x12                                        

N             010.212.14  Only up to MY 1986

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