Technical Service Bulletin Installing Heater Washer Jets for Your Windshield

Subject: Installing Heated Windshield Washer Jets Models:911/911 Turbo ALL

Bulletin Number: 83 – 01

Electrically heated windshield-washer jets are available as spare parts and can be service installed.

The jets are equipped with a heating resistor which can be connected on terminal 15, such that heating occurs when the ignition is on.

Parts Required:

2 windshield washer jets, part No. 944.628.911.00

Wire – red 20 AWG, approx. 10ft long

Wire – brown 20 AWG, approx. 10ft long

Insulating tubing for 1 20 AWG wire, approx. 4 in. long

                                For 2 20 AWG wires, approx. 40 in. long

                                For 4 20 AWG wires, approx. 36 in. long

1 Wire Connector 6.5 mm dia.

Washer jets, installing

  • Unscrew luggage compartment trim panel and remove standard jets
  • Open up holes in cow panel to 10 mm (13/32 in.) dia. Touch up area around holes with a suitable paint.
  • Make up extra wire harness as shown
  • Pull in “extra wire harness”. Place lock washers on wires and route wires out through the holes. Solder wires on jets. Insulate soldered points with insulating tubing.
  • Insert and aim jets. Press on lock washers firmly from below.
  • Connect water hoses on jets. Press down on jets from above while connecting hoses to prevent jets from becoming loose.


Voltage is supplied from the stop light/cruise control fuse (No. 15)

  • Connect positive wire (red) on bottom of fuse. Screw ground wire (brown) on ground point next to fuse box.
  • Operate windshield washer. Check hoses for leaks
  • Aim jets with a pin.
  • Turn on ignition. Heat must be felt on jets after waiting for several minutes.

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