Technical Service Bulletin Installing Front A/C Condenser

Subject: Installing Front A/C Condenser          Models: 911 ALL

Bulletin Number: 78 – 01

To increase cooling capacity on all cars with factory air conditioner, front condenser may be installed.

Parts Required

Kit (Part No. 911.573.911.00)

Reference   Part No.  Quantity    Description    Reference   Part No.     Quantity   Description

1                        911.624.013.00     1         Blower      8a          911.573.056.00     1          Condenser

2                        911.573.154.01     1         Hose          8b          911.573.058.00    1          Protective screen

3                        911.573.515.00     1         Gasket                                                                     Screen 

4                        900.075.071.02     2         Hex bolt      9           911.501.581.01   1         Blower panel

5                        911.573.513.01       2         Spacer         10          911.612.080.01   1         Electrical

6                        901.573.148.00      2        Gasket                                                                harness

7                         911.573.055.00      1        Protective    11          911.615.109.01   1       Relay


Reference           Part No.*            Quantity              Description

12                           …………..                                5 ½ ft                     13/32” suction

13                           …………..                                1                              Splicer kit (hose connector and 2 clamps)

14                           …………..                                1                              Hose termination and clamp (to connect suction hose to                           .                                                                        condenser)

15                           …………..                                6                              Cable clamps (for holding 13/32” suction hose in place)

                                …………..                                41 oz.                    freon 12

Work sequence

  • Discharge air conditioning system
  • Open front hood
  • Remove spare tire and jack
  • Disconnect battery ground cable
  • Place small template between jack support and washer pump on front apron and mark area to be cut out
  • Cut out rectangular section using air chisel snips or nibbler

*Parts to be obtained locally


Remove all metal shavings and paint all cut edges after each cutting and drilling operation

  • Raise car on lift
  • Place large template in place between front crossmember and apron, and mark area to be cut out.
  • Cut out rectangular section using air chisel or suitable tool
  • Lower car
  • Install gasket in cutout in front apron
  • Place blower panel in position over cutout in floor of luggage area
  • Drill 1/8 in. pop-rivet mounting holes through panel and floor approximately 1½ in. apart around periphery
  • Lift out blower panel and place strip calk around mounting flange
  • Put blower panel in place and install 1/8” X ¼” pop rivets
  • Spray paint blower panel
  • Install blower suction flange A into previously installed gasket (use Silicone spray to assist in assembly)
  • Insert blower mount into blower panel and align openings. Drill 4 1/8” holes
  • Lift blower enough to place and install 4 sheet metal screws
  • Raise car on left
  • Hold condenser squarely over cut-out with hose connections to left (driver’s side)
  • Mark 3 mounting holes
  • Remove condenser and drill the three ¼ in. holes
  • Install condenser together with protective cover using two 6 X 20 mm machine screws, lock washers and nuts on passenger side and one sheet metal screw on driver’s side
  • Remove two front suspension arm mounting bolts and discard
  • Attach protective bow at these points with bolts, using spacers between now and suspension arm mount. Do not tighten bolts full at this time.
  • Remove left front wheel
  • Route hose and suction extension hose from fender well to front condenser.
  • Connect both hoses to front condenser using hose termination and clamp to connect extension hose. Use gasket on connector of hose.
  • Cut suction hose from rear condenser
  • Remove hose connector and discard
  • Attach connector on hose in place of discarded connector. Use gasket on connector.
  • Splice extension hose to cut suction hose from rear condenser, using connector and two clamps from splicer kit.
  • Splice extension hose to cut suction hose from rear condenser, using connector and two clamps from splicer kit.
  • Secure both hoses to fender well
  • Replace left front wheel
  • Locate and mark center mounting hole for protective bow from within luggage compartment as follows:

                                                          A = 15-13/16 in.

                                                          B = 1 in.

  • Drill 10 mm hole for M 8 X 20 hex head bolt
  • Place lock washer and flat washer on bolt and install in protective bow from inside luggage compartment. Tighten securely.
  • Securely tighten protective bow end mounting bolts from underneath. Torque to 2.5 mkg (18 ft lbs)
  • Remove fuse panel cover
  • Install socket of electrical harness from behind panel.
  • Install relay in socket
  • Run cable with white plastic connector and screw lug along existing cable harness toward front of car
  • Run other cable behind fuse panel
  • Fasten red/green wire with bare tinned end under screw on fuse S20
  • Find white wire connector joining heavy green wire to smaller diameter black wire and located toward left rear of luggage compartment. Pull connector apart to insert green wire from harness. One green lead from harness plugs into connector. Green lead removed from connector plugs into terminal on remaining free green wire of harness.
  • Secure electrical cable harness under fasteners
  • Connect together the white plastic connectors from cable harness and from blower
  • Fasten screw terminal lug from harness to common ground
  • Reconnect battery ground cable
  • Replace spare tire and jack
  • Recharge air conditioning system with 41 oz. of Freon


Electrical wiring is in accordance with 911 Workshop Manual Vol. VI, page 0.1- 3/39

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