Technical Service Bulletin Convertible Top Operating Instructions

Subject: Convertible Top Operating Instructions Models: 911 Cabrio 1984

Bulletin Number: 84 – 03

Opening and closing the convertible top on 1984-84 models must be done correctly to avoid possible damage to top.

Use the following procedures for proper operation of convertible top:

Convertible top, opening

  • Remove operating handles from glove compartment
  • Insert handles into safety lock receptacles on either side of front windshield frame with handle tips positioned to left
  • Turn both handles 90 degrees counter-clockwise
  • Continue turning one handle counter-clockwise while gently pushing up on top with other hand until safety lock disengages. Repeat operation on other side.
  • Lift top slightly and return handles to straight down position. Remove handles and return to glove compartment.
  • Open both doors
  • From inside vehicle, unzip rear window and carefully store behind rear seat backrests.


To avoid scratches, clean the rear window before storing

  • Fold top towards rear and press down firmly until the safety latches for roof frame linkage are securely engaged
  • Remove top cover from storage bag in luggage compartment, slide over lowered top and secure with snaps starting at the door lock pillar


If equipped with Tenax studs (4 on each side) buttons must be pulled before fastening takes place

  • Connect elastic straps behind rear seat backs

Convertible top, closing

Work sequence

  • Open both doors
  • Detach elastic straps from rear seatbacks
  • Unsnap top cover fasteners (pull to release Tenax buttons) starting at door lock pillar


Snaps lock into place and can be unsnapped easily by sliding hand underneath cover so that snap is between two fingers, then opened by tilting.

  • Place top cover in storage bag provided in luggage compartment
  • Disengage safety latches from roof linkage and fold top forward until it rests on windshield frame
  • From inside vehicle, reinstall rear window and zip up.
  • Insert both roof lock handles in safety lock receptacles with handle tips positioned straight down
  • Pull top down with both hands and press firmly onto windshield frame until safety latch engages
  • Pull down on top with one hand while turning handle clockwise with other hand until safety lock is fully engaged. Repeat operation on other side.
  • Remove handles and return to glove compartment.

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