Bosch BR18 1960-63 356


Porsche 356 BR18 Distibutor

The cast iron four-cyllinder ignition distributor, VJ 4 BR18 is used in the Porsche 356 model from 1960 to 1963.

Front and backside view of the BR18 Distributor
Front and backside view of the BR18 Distributor

The BR18 for short is recognized by a few features that are hard to see. The internals are very different from its predecessor, the BR9. The biggest difference being the weights and springs, even though the curve is similar they have a different way of getting there.

All of the cast iron distibutors have a lot of similarities. The cap is recessed for the pass thru, the clips are short, the tag is black and the condenser bracket is the same. The drive method is also the same as they all use a toggle stlye drive.

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