Sarah Donohoe

Entering the automotive field after a career in commercial art has given Sarah a different perspective. Working on sculptures, large and small has given Sarah a greater appreciation of the fine lines and aerodynamics of Porsche cars. Working in the Porsche parts business for a decade has led to a deeper understanding of what it takes to keep them on the road.

How to Measure Accurately with a Micrometer

How to measure with a micrometer In this lesson, we take a closer look at how to measure with a micrometer. Micrometers are more accurate than vernier calipers. Using them does take a feel, and setting them up correctly can make all the difference to your results. Digital or Mechanical Micrometers The first choice you


Wheel Alignment Turn Plates! There Is A Better Choice.

When it comes to doing a wheel alignment, you can put your car on a fancy electronic wheel alignment table. Or, you can try a wheel alignment the way we do it. We use magnesium turn plates. To get set up you are going to need a few tools; Acculevel electronic camber tool Wheel Alignment


How To Do A Four-wheel Alignment On A Porsche Boxster

If you have done any sort of suspension work on your car, it is time to do an alignment. On this 2001 Porsche Boxster, we are going to do a four-wheel alignment. This car was lowered, it was lowered beyond any factory settings, and it was just too low. We set about replacing the suspension

Filling the smoke machine

We review the AutoLine Smoke Machine. You need this!

If you work on your own car, you need the right tools to do the job without breaking the bank. When you know you have an air leak but cannot find it, it is time for the smoke machine! This unit will create smoke for a great price compared to some other brand names. We

2007 BMW 328xi Surging! Can we fix it?

We worked on our BMW 328xi and fixed many problems. Even with all this work we still had a nagging problem. On startup, the BMW would surge. Cold Start Engine Surging This car would start and surge. The surging was present below 300RPM’s and would make the car lurch when it was really bad. Like

Tuning a Weber carburetor can be hard

Are You Stuck on How to Tune and Balance Your Carburetors?

Can I teach you to tune and balance your carburetors in 40 minutes? No, but I can set you up for success. We exclusively use a Weber Redline Synchrometer, STE-SK and if you have a bigger flow carburetor you can use the STE-ST. If you do not have this tool you cannot use our method

How to Measure With A Dial Indicator Correctly

A Dial indicator is used to measure travel. Dial indicators are used with other tools. They need to be secure to take a measurement. Learn how to set up a dial gauge to get an accurate reading. How to Read a Dial Indicator On a dial gauge, the markings can be in metric or standard,

how to get the feel of a feeler guage

The best way to feel with a feeler gauge

Have you tried to use a feeler gauge and could not get the feel? Using a feeler gauge is not a precise thing, it takes time to get the feel of the gauge. Many people try to explain the “feel” part of measuring with the feel of paper, but this method does nothing to help


Porsche Boxster Window Regulator! What you need to know.

We are replacing this driver’s side window regulator in this Porsche Boxster. You need to know how best to set up the window glass for success. Watch our video and read on to see how to do this common job. Changing your window regulator To start this job you need to raise your window to

Wet sanding a headlight

How to Restore Your Headlights

If your plastic headlights have seen better days, we have a simple solution. Let us show you how to restore your headlights. We use the 3m family of products in a two-step process, cutting and polishing. To start with the cutting we use fine sandpaper and an air-powered orbital sanding gun. Sanding your Headlights First,

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