Kurt Donohoe has had over thirty years’ experience in the automotive field. Starting in 1988 working for a BMW dealership, shortly before securing an apprenticeship with a Porsche Dealership. Kurt completed the Porsche apprentice training program and was awarded Porsche 2nd year apprentice of the year out of all the Porsche dealers in Australia in 1990. Kurt has founded two automotive repair shops specializing in German automobiles, specifically Porsche. He also founded a Porsche online parts warehouse and has designed and engineered several replacement parts for Porsche vehicles. Kurt is currently working on his latest venture for training mechanics and owners on how to repair vintage cars.

Weber 40 IDTP Carburetor set for sale

Weber 40 IDTP Restored Carburetor Set for Sale

Up for sale and available to ship are these completely restored Weber 40 IDTP carburetor set, serial numbers 3573 and 3446. This set of carburetors started life as a genuine set of Italian-built Webers that were delivered to Porsche for fitment in the new car production of 1969 through 1971 911 T Models. Both of

Labor guide book from 1976

Understanding the Flat Rate Labor Guide

Flat rate hours are used to estimate the cost of making a repair to a vehicle. This method has been around since the 1920’s and is used by both independent shops and dealers alike. Recently in the last few years there have been a lot of criticism by both shops and consumers about the use

Toy blue car being towed by a truck

What Makes a Good Diagnostic Mechanic

When a problem first arises with your car, most people will jump to any number of conclusions about what the problem is. Then the next thought that usually follows is” how much is this going to cost to me?” So, what to do about it next? Do you try to resolve the issue yourself? Or

Cam Boxes in different stages of cleaning

The Parts Cleaning Process

Parts cleaning is one of those jobs that I believe is greatly overlooked by repair shops and individuals alike. Parts cleaning is also the one of the single most important part of any job. The amount of time required to thoroughly clean parts is also greatly underestimated. The Home Garage A lot of the time

Yellow car on a trailer.

Automotive Project Management

Starting a new project car is usually an exciting time. We all start with grand ideas of how the car will look when completed and are anxious to get it done. However, more often these projects are doomed to take much longer than originally planned and cost a lot more than we thought. Using proper

911 engine showing head studs

The 911 Head Stud

The cylinder head stud used in the 911 models is another one of those parts that has seen many different changes over the years. It was often the cause of failure for many combustion chamber leaks and oil leaks. Whether the stud itself failed or the threads in the case that failed, one thing that

Different Porsche ignition componants layed out

The Difference between Ignition Systems

Single coil, coil over, DIS or CDI are all types of ignition systems that can be used on your Porsche. What is the difference between them and why would you use one over the other. In this week’s article I look at the difference between each system and its pros and cons. Single coil Ignition

Race Car Toy Martini Style

Race Cars versus Street Cars

Porsche has a deep history with racing and race cars. They were able to develop a large range of vehicles based on their racing experience and has been producing race cars since the 1950’s. Many of these cars were made available to the public, or at least those that can afford them. However, is it

Timing Chain Tensioners

The 911 Timing Chain Tensioner, it’s history and future.

The journey of the 911’s chain tensioner spans 20 years of development. With the 911 engine being an overhead chain driven camshaft design the need for a reliable tensioner was paramount. However, it did not quite work out the way Porsche had hoped. The First Design The first design of the timing chain tensioner was

An Engine case open and showing ther Oil By Pass Modification

Oil By-Pass Modification. Do I need to do it?

Oil By Pass Modification The oil bypass modification has been around since 1975. However, it seems that it is still misunderstood in how it needs to be applied. So, for this week’s article, I thought I would cover this common modification along with some of the other oil systems changes. The Oil By-Pass System The

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