Technical Service Bulletin Antenna Replacement for Rod

Subject: Antenna Rod Replacement       Models: 911/92

Bulletin Number: 81 – 01

Replacement antenna rods are now available for power antenna (Rod part No. 477.035.513)

Antenna rod, replacing

Work procedure

  • Turn radio ON to raise antenna rod
  • Using 12-mm wrench, loosen and remove bushing nut at base of rod
  • Pull antenna rod together with plastic rope from bushing (sometimes it becomes necessary to pull quite hard)
  • Insert end of plastic rope of replacement antenna rod into bushing
  • Switch radio OFF
  • Push plastic rope into bushing until antenna motor takes over and pulls the rope in
  • Insert antenna rod into bushing
  • Reinstall and tighten bushing nut
  • Check antenna operation by raising and lowering antenna several times.
  1. Switch on radio, so that antenna rod moves out, loosen nut brushing.
  2. Remove antenna rod, including plastic rope. Sometimes it is necessary to pull hard.
  3. Insert the plastic rope of spare antenna rod P/N 477.035.513
  4. Switch off radio. It is necessary that the plastic rope be pushed into the antenna until the antenna motor takes over and is pulling the rope.
  5. Insert antenna rod in antenna bushing and tighten nut bushing. Operate power antenna several times.

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