0237.303.003 1978-79 911SC Euro


Nice restored 0237.303.003 Bosch Distributor

Recognizing the 0237.303.003 Distributor

This is a large case aluminum distributor. 0237 303 003. The spark signal comes from a reluctor. The distributor spins in a counterclockwise direction. This distributor does not have a vacuum module and has a mechanical only advance curve. The inspection window cover is aluminum, not plastic. You will see a green trigger wire plugged into the reluctor. This distributor has a fixed lug, with a slot, for install and adjusting on the engine.

When installing ignition distributors that have fixed cast aluminum hold down clamps as part of the ignition distributor housing they must be completely seated against the engine case before tightening the hold-down nut.
Warning, do not pull the distributor down using the hold-down nut.
Failure to seat the distributor before tightening the hold-down nut can result in severe engine damage and or distributor housing/ bushing damage. We also recommend using a liberal amount of silicone
or rubber grease on the distributor shaft to case seal to aid in installation.

Porsche Cross-reference Numbers

Bosch 0237.303.003 is stamped on the side. The Porsche number is 930.602.021.04.

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