0231.169.001 1968 911L

The Porsche 1968 911L Distributor

This is a one year only model 911. This distributor is set up for the emission regulations of 1968. And for that year it runs a vacuum retard module.


Two views of the Bosch 911L Distributor 0231.169.001
The Bosch 0231.169.001 911L Distributor

This six-cylinder clockwise rotating distributor is still using a points and condenser system. This small case aluminum body distributor is held with a separate bracket. The model 911L does not run a CDI ignition. The 911L also runs with Weber three-barrel carburetors.

The 911L was a replacement for the 911S. The 911S could not be imported to the USA in 1968. In Europe, the 911S was available in 1968, so many have made their way to the States since then. You could get the 911S in 1969. So the 911L was only imported for one year.

You can recognize this distributor because of the number stamped on the case. Inside the rotor is rev limited to 7100. As well it has the telltale vacuum pot.

Porsche Reference Numbers

0231.169.001 is the Bosch number but Porsche uses 901.602.021.04 and 901.602.021.DX for this distributor number.

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