0231.159.006 1969-1971 911E


This Bosch aluminum body distributor, 0231.159.006, is used in the Porsche 1969 to 1971 911E. The 911E model ran with MFI and a three-pin CDI system. This distributor did not use any vacuum advance and got it’s 15-17° of distributor advance purely mechanically.

An old and restored 0231.159.006 beside each other
An original, and restored 0231.159.006 distributor

Recognizing the Bosch 0231.159.006

This clockwise rotating, small case distributor is recognizable in many ways. The number stamped on the case, 0231.159.006, and the rotor, 7100 Rev Limited, the one-piece points, 616.602.226.02, and the fact it does not use a vacuum advance. This distributor is in the 1968 to 1971 911E Porsche. The 911E used mechanical fuel injection or MFI. The total advance at the engine is 20 to 35°. This distributor uses mechanical advance only.

The 911E also runs a three-pin CDI, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, and you should see solid core unshielded wires coming out of this distributor. If you look in your 911E engine and find a 0231.159.007, do not worry the only difference between the E and S distributors is the rev limiting rotor.

Porsche Cross-Reference Number

For the 0231-159-006 Porsche uses the part number 901.602.027.00. And if it is a rebuilt unit, the number refects this, 901.602.027.X. Many of these cars may have had the MFI removed and carburetors added. Taking off the original fuel system is a backward step. The distributor is at its best when running original components!

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