0231.159.001 1965-68 911T

The 1965-68 911T Cast Iron Distributor

This Bosch cast iron distributor has a black tag, 0231.159.001. And is used in the Porsche 1965 to 1968 911T model.


0231.159.001 Distributor Front and back
The Cast Iron 0231.159.001 Distributor

This 0231.159.001 is a supersession from the first 911 cast iron distributor, 0231.121.006. It can be a direct replacement in the earlier car as they have an identical ignition curve. The change from the 006 to the 001 is in the rotor. The 006 uses the 356 stepped shaft rotor and the 001 uses the 912 rotor with no step.

Looking under the cap of the 0231.159.001 Cast Iron Distributor
Looking under the cap of the 0231.159.001 Cast Iron Distributor

Changes to the 0213.159.001 Distributor

Some parts have become no longer available. Like the cap and condenser, so if you have a darker brown cap and a yellow wire coming out of your condenser, you have the original parts. It is hard to see the shaft change, but you will know when you try and fit a stepped rotor. You can recognize the 0231.159.001 distributor by the tag or the shaft if there is no tag.

Porsche Cross-Reference Number

Porsche does not use the Bosch number, 0231.159.001, but they have their own number, 901.602.021.CX. for the 6-cylinder Porsche 911T engine.

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